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Good casinos for beginners

Every casino player starts from scratch with no experience whatsoever. It can be hard and almost intimidating when you first create an account and you’re exposed to all these games, often over a hundred on a single casino, and you have no idea of how any of them works. As with anything, you will have to learn the concepts as well as the rules for each individual game before you can expect to have a chance to make any money from them, but don’t worry, most casino games are quite easy to learn and the ideas of the games are often quite simple.

Instead of going through the rules of every single game in this article, we want to focus on what to look for in an online casino that could make your journey a bit easier. Sites like Juegos de Casino have more in depth explanations of the games in the online casino world.

First of all, you want to choose a casino which offers the opportunity to play for what we call “fun money”. This way, you enter a game, and are given a certain amount of credits, which have no real value. This way you can play the game and learn the rules without having to risk your own money until you feel comfortable enough doing so. The only downside is if you happen to hit a massive win, you won’t get a payout either, and as they don’t come along that often it may feel like a waste.

The next useful thing to look for, is finding out if the casinos have any guides to the game. In some of the more advanced casinos, you will find sections which explains the rules for every single game on the website in detail, which of course is a huge advantage for a player who doesn’t know anything about casino gaming.  If you can’t find any guides on your preferred casino, visit websites such as Casino ZX, which has guides for a lot of the games you can expect to encounter at online casinos. Another site is Nexusgames which is great for finding casinos.

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Did you know?

Did you know that…

…Roulette is a French word for “little wheel” and the game itself dates back to the 18th century? That means people have been enjoying this casino game for about 300 years! Talk about a real casino classic here!

…the legendary French warlord Napoleon Bonaparte was a huge fan of the game Blackjack. In the period of time where he was living in Exile on the island of Elba, he spent hour upon hour playing this classic casino game.

…there are several websites, such as and quinielas, that focuses solely of reviewing online casinos, bonuses and casino slots to make it easier for casino players to choose where to play?

…You have a much higher chance of winning on European Roulette than American roulette? The fact is that there are only disadvantages to playing American roulette. The main reason for this, is that an American roulette when has an extra green slot, making the chances of losing almost twice as high!

… A London resident called Ashley Revell sold all his worldy possessions, and took all of his money ($135,300) and bet it all on the color red on a roulette table? Luckily enough, the ball ended up the Red 7 and Ashley  doubled his entire net worth in just a few seconds.

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